Bangalore. December 2012.

India’s Lollapalooza. Sort of. Awesome orgy of music – from black rock to the dewarists to the dubsteppers; and the quintessential Nizaam’s kabab rolls. I entered this venue without having checked my camera battery status. No battery means no metering means poorly exposed photographs. I had been working on getting decent at guessing exposures based on lighting conditions and this was my test. Using the exposure chart that I had downloaded and modified for my use, I put it to work. I wanted to nail a few photographs atleast because the who’s who of the music industry was here rocking with the rest of us! I managed to ask Vishal Dadlani for a quick photograph as I moved through the crowd from one stage to the next before finally stopping to enjoy Raghu Dixit’s performance. Here are a few photographs from my exposure experiment at the event.

More later.