Turkey 2013. A trip I was extremely excited about. I had seen the photographs that Zack Arias had taken while he was there and I wanted to create something equally significant. So the next few posts will be about Turkey, its people, its architecture and a few other things I found interesting. One of the things that unique to this part of the world is the Dervish Dance. What might this be you ask? Simple. Bunch of men, wearing long gowns, rotate in circles in the dark with UV lights for your viewing pleasure.  Their hands folded or stretched out in a symbolic reference to heaven and hell. Thats it. Looks great in photographs.

The reality of it is this. Our group got touristed. Badly. We were supposed to experience this unique artform for 45 minutes at Goreme in Cappodochia instead these dancers stayed for all of 10 minutes. Later, these same men performed some other shows and I can swear that 2 of them were drunk. So, find an authentic spot if you ever wish to see this. Although, I’m not sure where that could be.

More on Turkish delights later.