Flash photography is something I never thought I could ever grasp. There are way too many elements, so much more equipment and frankly, I was shit scared of it. But in the last 3-4 months I’m warming up to the idea of flash photography. I read and re-read multiple sections of the Strobist, follow Zack Arias on his one light agenda and some how try to bake all of that into my style of photography. I may have only turned to the second chapter in flash photography but I’m afraid no more.

As practice, this holiday I tried all the light modifiers I could get my hands on and working with just my Fuji X100s, I made a few photographs.

201312_nycflash-1-2 201312_nycflash-2-2

201312_nycflash-3 201312_nycflash-4

More later.