I’ve spent a lot of time traveling in trains while in China. The high speed rail network almost eliminates the need for most domestic airports, atleast along the eastern edge of the country. Traveling at over 300kmph, trains are by far the best way to travel through the country. Being an Indian, its hard not to compare such an amazing feat with what we’ve got in India. Building a network of trains that can go this fast or even half as fast can easily push us ahead in the race to be the fiercest of Asian tigers.

Political commentary aside, sometimes I’ve spent over 2-3 hours at the stations waiting for my train and photography was the best way I could kill time. Here are a few photographs I made while I waited.

201309_train-1 201309_train-2 201309_train-3 201309_train-4 201309_train-5 201309_train-6

More later.