A few weeks ago I spoke about my infatuation with flash photography. It’s a new direction that I want to take to not just improve the lighting in my photographs but understand lighting too. Whether it be one light or multiple lights, it’s been awesome so far. I’m using these flashes on full manual mode so it takes me a few tries before I figure out the right kind of light I want in my photographs. All of these were made with the new x100s and the new Yongnuo or as Zack calls them Kungpao flashes.


1/32 power flash with 1/4 CTO gel from far left


Flash at left 45 with 1/4 CTO


Trying to use the sun to get the rim light with a flash firing from left 45


F2.0 1/1000 with ND filter flash at 1/8 or 16 far right – didnt make a note of it


Hard white flash bottom right to compensate for the sun. F2.0 1/1000 with 3 stop ND on flash at 1/8 power


Settings forgotten. The idea was to shoot into sunlight and avoid a silhouette.

So far, its been me playing around with these flashes just to understand what they do. Now, I’m neck deep in strobist’s Lighting 102 to make them even better!

More later.