Landed in Hong Kong late, after getting delayed in Beijing. If you ever plan to travel through Asia, avoid the Beijing airport at all costs. It is notorious for massive delays mostly because the radars are ineffective with all the smog around. Anyway, the delayed flight meant I had a little over 24 hours in Hong Kong. Typically, when I have such a short time at a place I would have googled through NY times, Anthony Bourdain etc. finding the optimum walking route and setting up a neat but tiring agenda of things to do. But this time I left it to my friend, my guide, PKG for short, whose agenda was pretty clear as the day began. To be fair though, he does work 48 hour days so I had to cut him some slack. Did I mention his eclectic furniture choice?


Anyway, the first order of business – lunch. We left Kennedy Town via the tram to get some lunch at AJ’s Sri Lankan cuisine. I made these photographs on our way to the restaurant located in Sai Kunj. The food at AJ’s is nothing short of spectacular. AJ’s introduced me to a light coconut milk based curry called Kiri Hodi. I have googled multiple recipes for this dish and this one comes close to the one I ate at AJ’s.


Tram-ing in HK


Tram-ing in HK


Sitting around in HK

Following our sumptuous lunch we headed to the bar at Marco Polo hotel. Perfectly situated close to the harbor, its arguably the best place to grab a drink and enjoy Hong Kong skyline.


Skylining HK


Looking out of balconies in HK


Ferry-ing in HK

With a population of over 7 million people, the small island is always hustling and bustling. Having so many people concentrated in such a small area definitely helps manage energy, transportation but sends the cost of living way up north. The housing prices on the island are simply staggering! This post on housing in Hong Kong shows the lack of space.


Hustling & Bustling in HK


Party-ing in HK

All in all the few hours I spent here were brilliant much thanks to PKG. I’d like to conclude with a list of must visit restaurants if you get here.

  1. AJ’s Sri Lankan cuisine Sai Kunj
  2. Din Tai Fung
  3. Butao
  4.  PKG’s Cook Kennedy town
  5. Ippudo
  6. Cucina at Marco Polo

More later.