Food-wise, this weekend has been awesome. From the time I was diagnosed with uber high cholesterol I’ve been trying to manipulate my diet to include as much sea food as possible. Now, while I lived in India, fish was a staple part of my diet but its almost impossible to get the type or quality of fish you get in India over here in the US. So, I have had to make some changes and modify a few recipes to make the spicy tasty fish I like to eat. This weekend was time for some sea bass.

I headed to our local fish store, bought a sea bass that had my name on it, marinated it with chilly garlic paste, grated ginger, finely chopped garlic, salt, pepper, soy sauce, chopped curry leaves and grilled it for about 20 minutes. It looked delectable as hell. I lit it with a CN 180 row of LED lights.


Grilled Asian Branzino

The Sunday that followed had me craving for some crepes. I remember having these while I was in Madison for a weekend at brunch spot called Bradburys and I wanted to create something similar yet different –  a French crepe with Indian flavors. So I started out with minced meat mixed with chopped onions, a blend of spices, parsley and mint. I grilled this meat for a bit. After which, I added some finely chopped onion and tomato into a frying pan and sauteed them with some olive oil. My wife on the other hand made the crepes. Together, we then added in the meat, the sauteed onions+tomato combo, some chopped parsley, arugula on the crepe and topped it with a fried egg. Thats it! Brilliant!


Minced Lamb Crepe topped with Fried Egg

So, now that I had discovered two new dishes that I can add to my menu, I got a little thirsty. Caipirinha is the only drink I can make so I went about doing so. Somehow, I felt the need to photograph the drink and explore my new found love for flash photography.  I started with shooting in natural light which is the image on the left below. Ofcourse, I could work a little more with the exposure but I sorta know the resulting image. I then fired the flash from my right and got the image on the right.


Natural Light vs Flash on the right

Still wanting to explore what more a flash can do, I changed the configuration and fired the flash from directly above the jar. And this is what I got.

caparinha - 2


I wanted to have another flash behind the jar to see what more I could be possible but sadly I’ll have to wait for my fm3a to sell before I procure another one. But whats amazing to note is that a single flash gives me so many more options now over natural light. Its only a matter of time before I explore what more its capable of. I added in my zombie friend just for kicks.

More later.