Ever since I got the Fuji x100s, I’ve read blogs of people raving about its high speed flash sync awesomeness. Being able to shoot at F2.0 in bright daylight with the built in ND filter – I had to try it sometime.


Red White and Blue Willis

I had a SB900 flash that I had bought years ago after being inspired by the TFB tour by Numnuts & Strobist but never had the confidence to shoot with it. I wasn’t sure of the light and settings to use. I always thought you’d need lots of gear to make a picture happen. Anyway, here are a few images from that experiment in bright daylight!


f2.0 1/1000s Sb900 Orange Gel


“Millenium Park” f2.0 1/1600s SB900


“Montrose Beach” f2.0 1/1000s SB900


“My favorite daughter” f2.0 1/1000s SB900

What do you think of the images so far? Wanting to see what else I was capable of, I took it with me at dusk too. Here, showcased a few from that experiment.


“Reshma” f2.0 1/125s


“Abhi” f2.0 1/125s


“Preeti” f2.0 1/125s

I know I’m going to explore more with flash and the fuji x100s. Watch out for more flashy images.