All was quiet the week we landed in Turkey. We stayed near the Galata Tower which is closer to Tunel Side of Istiklal Street. The opposite end of Istiklal leads to Taksim Square where all the action is lately. By our apartment, however, it was nice. A row of music shops coupled with a few hippies greeted us every time we stepped out of our apartment.


Tram from Taksim to Tunel

Ershan (not a hippie) owned this awesome Baglama Saz store. He even played for us for a bit.


Ershan in his music store



Another thing which I thought was pretty cool – the buildings looked like they were going to fall pretty soon but as you entered the apartments you see all of the archaic stuff disappear and is replaced with this modern fresh espresso kinda look.



A short walk from the Galata tower is the Bosphorus bridge where you’ll find plenty of people fishing. They fish 24 hours, I think, mostly catching sardines.


Fishing on the Bosphorus bridge

Istanbul is a densely populated region of Turkey which makes it great for street photography. Every other corner you find people engaged in heated conversations over tea or exhibiting their  love or just taking a nap to avoid the afternoon sun.


Listen to me young man. You dont know jack.



Love on the Bosphorus



I had made several photographs as I walked the streets of Istanbul and I had tremendous fun doing so. We left Istanbul a couple of days after the clashes started. Since we were there on vacation we were happy to get out safely.