I visited Osaka sometime in November last year and all I had with me was my Fm3a with a 50mm lens and a few rolls of the Portra 400.  I’m not sure what went wrong but these pictures are bad. Perhaps, the development was jacked or I had no idea of what I was shooting.  I even cleaned my scanner/films  a couple of times hoping to improve the image quality atleast but they are still so dirty. I wish I had taken better pictures – unfortunately these are all I have to share.

201210_Osaka-1 201210_Osaka-2 201210_Osaka-3 201210_Osaka-4 201210_Osaka-5

Kanpai Queens at Beer Belly Osaka

201210_Osaka-6 201210_Osaka-7 201210_Osaka-8

Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka – really nice boutique hotel



I bought my first ever Santoku blade here. Even got my name written in Japanese on it. Expensive blades that require more love than your first born child to maintain.

201210_Osaka-11 201210_Osaka-12 201210_Osaka-13


More later.