I lived in Bangalore for almost 16 years before I left searching for greener pastures. Every year or so I come back for vacations and I plan on creating on some sort of story based on my trip here and every year, I forget the camera and just get lazy. This time, however, I’m not letting that happen. I want to see the city that I once knew very well with a different eye. I started by taking advantage of my jetlag and headed out early this morning.

201212_Bgl-1 201212_Bgl-2 201212_Bgl-3

Bangalore’s iconic building, the Vidhana Soudha, houses the state parliament. When we were  younger, we used to spend our Sunday evenings here watching a light show and eating ‘butta’. I still dont know why we spent so many Sundays here. Today, the light show is laughable, but the butta is still good.

201212_Bgl-4 201212_Bgl-5 201212_Bgl-6 201212_Bgl-15 201212_Bgl-7 201212_Bgl-8

More later.