I had the hardest time getting photographs of people in Shanghai. Whenever I requested to take a photo I received an emphatic NO! or a wild hand gesture equivalent to a get the heck outta here. But still, I persisted.

These 3 were initially shy and probably thought I was going report their unscheduled smoke break but eventually they said ok.  There was a 4th but he ran away from the frame as soon as I lifted my camera.

Three Chefs

While people in Shanghai were averse to their photographs being taken, people in Beijing were much more enthusiastic. Some even struck a pose. Others pretended I was not there at all. In the end, I got a few portraits I would like to share.

Musician at the Temple of Heaven

Sweet Potatoes at Temple of Heaven

All these photographs were photographed with my FM3a and 28mm lens. After this trip, I’ve fallen in love again with this camera.  If you ever find one on ebay – dont think, just buy it. It’s just plain awesome.

More later.